Reading Recreation Division
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Field & Park Rules & Regulations

1.  All organized groups must receive a written permit from the Recreation Division, for the reserved use of a facility under the committee’s jurisdtion. These facilities include the Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Parks, Fields, and Outdoor Skating areas
  • All RMHS, Extra-Curricular Programs receive first priority for practice and games.
  • Required Use before 5:45 PM during the school year must receive approval from the RMHS Athletic Director and a permit from the Recreation Division.
  • Tennis Court - Order of Priority - High School Teams and Physical Education Classes, Recreation Staff, Programming, Adults 18 and Over (Weekdays After 5:00 PM and Sunday Mornings)

2. All groups who receive a permit must pay the applicable fee as adopted in the current fee schedule. The fee schedule is listed in the field permitting and fee policy located on the Recreation Division website.

3. Permitted use of any facility before noon on Sunday is prohibited except by special permit approved by the Recreation Committee.

4. Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted on any public property. If found in violation:

  • Permits may be revoked
  • Violators may be subject to arrest and prosecution.

5. All groups must dispose of their own trash.

6. Animal waste must be removed by the pet owner. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

7. Fire Arms, Destructive Weapons, Sling Shots, Bows and Arrows, and Fire Works are prohibited.

8. Fires and Cooking Grills prohibited except by special permit.

9. Golfing/Practice prohibited.

10. Unauthorized vehicles prohibited from driving/ parking on any town field without written permission.

11. If necessary these regulations shall be enforced by the Reading Police Department, who shall cause the immediate termination of any activity that violates these rules and regulations.