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The premise of the “Seasonal Tennis Pass” is to help bring some order to the peak-use time of the courts and to help defray the costs of the lights. The Reading Community Tennis Courts at Birch Meadow are amongst the best of their kind in the state. Folks travel from all over to utilize this state-of-the art facility. The six courts are able to handle the excessive traffic during most parts of any day/time except Monday through Friday from 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM. Waiting time can be up to three hours to use a court. Through some research, we are finding that some folks are not respecting the signage of rules regarding etiquette for length of play. Currently, the lights for the tennis courts cost the Town approximately $5,000 per year. This is paid for by the Recreation Revolving Fund.

Seasonal Pass Policy:

• The Seasonal Pass covers court use Monday-Friday only (excluding holidays) from Monday, May 30th through Friday, September 2nd beginning at 5:30 PM.
• The Seasonal Pass is for peak hours in which lights are used for a portion of the time and there is very heavy traffic.
• Courts are monitored by Recreation Seasonal Staff (Tennis Monitor) for that stretch of time. Players must check in with Monitor upon arrival.
• Pass holders are allowed to bring up to three people with them to play. 
• There is no preference for resident pass holders to non-resident pass holders for use.
• Players may use the courts without a pass during the dates/times above, however a pass holder may bump a non-pass holder off any court.
• Any and all disputes will be settled by the Tennis Court Monitor.
• Any person or group acting in a manner that is deemed inappropriate by the Monitor will be asked to leave and may have their pass(es) revoked.
• Passes may not be sold, transferred or refunded for any reason.

Purchase Procedures:

There will be an unlimited number of passes available for residents of Reading. The passes are $20 per resident with a cap of $30 per household (5 household member maximum) and $120 per non-Reading resident. There is a limit of 50 passes available for non-Reading residents and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Passes may be purchased on-line with a credit card. Participants should bring their receipt along with a photo identification (proving residency) down to the courts or to the Recreation Division office at Town Hall to exchange for an actual Tennis Pass, however, a paid receipt is acceptable along with photo identification.

Passes may also be purchased at the Recreation Division at Town Hall using cash, check or credit card.

Information regarding purchasing a Family Pass online:
  • A Family Pass includes up to 5 family members.
  • When purchasing a family pass, you must register each family member.
  • The first family member will be charged $30 and the 2nd member through the 5th member will not be charged but must still be registered.
  • All members of the family pass must live at the same Reading address.
  • Family Passes are for Reading residents only.